When few people are watching, our landscape professionals are maintaining all aspects of campus grounds.

In the spring and summer, they tidy up and add points of beauty as they mulch flower beds, trim overgrowth, plant flowers and make the lawns a rich carpet of green. In the fall, they get those leaves out of the way as quickly as possible and remove limbs and other refuse left behind by fall storms. In the winter, they help keep sidewalks as clear of ice and snow as possible, from early morning to late afternoon, in the coldest parts of the winter as well as on mild days.

Our grounds crew is committed to providing you with a safe, comfortable, and accessible campus that is conducive to the environment of the NNU community. Next time you see one of our groundskeepers, give them a thumbs up for all the hard work they do. They'll appreciate you noticing!

If you have seen anything that is broken, is a hazard, or needs our grounds crew's attention, please feel free to report anything that needs repair via the Requests page.

Please note: If you have never used the work request site before, you will have the opportunity to create a work request account before submitting your request. Just follow the instructions on the screen. Video instruction for creating accounts and submitting requests can be found on the Requests page.

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