In a 2007 nation-wide survey of students at college campuses across the nation, researchers found that over 70% of students reported that cleanliness of learning space was important to their learning environment and over 50% reported that a clean classroom correlated directly to their ability to learn.

Our custodial staff is excited to be promoting learning outcomes and supporting student success by providing clean, safe and sanitary environments for students to learn, educators to teach, and staff to support the student experience at NNU.  In our own way we are striving to leave a mark on our future and support the minds that will make it great.

To that end Facilities Services invites you to take part in this important effort to keep campus clean. Use trash cans and recycling bins, pick up after yourself and others, and encourage those around you to keep the NNU campus a clean and pleasant learning environment for everyone.

Even the most careful of people can make a mess and areas may need unexpected attention from our custodial staff. Feel free to report anything that needs our attention via the Requests page.

Please note: If you have never used the work request site before, you will have the opportunity to create a work request account before submitting your request. Just follow the instructions on the screen. Video instruction for creating accounts and submitting requests can be found on the Requests page.

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