Key Requests

Facilities Services is tasked with the issuance and cutting of keys. All keys are to be requested with Key Request Form.

Key Request Form

Key Control Policy

Key Request Process

  1. Print the NNU Key Request Form.
  2. Complete all contact information along the top of the form and specify building and rooms you require access to.
  3. Submit a completed form to your Manager/Dean for authorized approval.
  4. Submit an authorized Key Request Form to Facilities Services:
    • Email: Scan and email the form to Facilities Services at
    • Submit in person to Facilities Services building located at 410 E. Florida Ave. Nampa, ID 83686.

Key Holder Obligations

All Key Holders shall agree to the following prior to issuance of their keys:

  1. Key Holder shall keep information regarding what access they have confidential at all times.
  2. Key Holder recognizes that keys are issued for the performance of NNU business and shall not be used for any other purpose.
  3. Key Holder recognizes that keys are issued for their express use and shall not be shared with others.
  4. Key Holder shall report any lost or stolen keys immediatly to Campus Safety.

Key Request and Issuance

All authorized key requests shall be submitted utilizing the appropriate form to Facilities Services located at 410 E. Florida Ave. Nampa, ID 83686. Keys shall be ready for issuance within one business day from the time of submission of an authorized request. Every effort is made to make keys available within this time frame however, if there are several requests such as 5 or more, additional time shall be required.

Key Issuance

  1. Bring an approved Photo ID such as an issued NNU ID Card or State issued Drivers License to the Facilities Services building.
  2. Read over the Key Holder responsibilities on the Key Request Form previously submitted and sign.
  3. Review each key issued and provide initials next to each key on the Key Request Form.
  4. Keys shall then be issued.