Campus Projects

Facilities Services is tasked with maintaining campus grounds and buildings and ensuring a safe and functional environment that supports the business and mission of NNU. Sometimes this requires tenant improvements to existing facilities in order to meet the needs of occupants as business and teaching styles adapt to meet the needs of our students. Whenever there is a change to facilities such as remodeling of rooms or built-in fixtures, increases or changes to utility services, or addition/removal of building structure or systems; this is considered a Project.

Request a Project

Projects can be requested through the online work request system. Be sure to detail the goals of the change being requested and detail the changes that you would like to see made.

Please note: If you have never used the work request site before, you will have the opportunity to create a work request account before submitting your request. Just follow the instructions on the screen. Video instruction for creating accounts and submitting requests can be found on the Requests page.

Make a Request

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Maintenance and Projects?
In short, the difference between maintenance and projects is that maintenance involves the repair of facilities as they are currently designed, projects on the other hand change facility design to better meet the functional requirements of the user.

What can I expect after I request a Project?
Projects can be simple but complex, requiring the planning and coordination with many parties. After a project is requested it may be a week or so before you are contacted. Facilities Services shall place the work request for the project "On Hold" and schedule a time to meet with you to detail your goals and expectations for the project. An estimate of costs will be provided and funding for the project shall need to be allocated by the requesting department prior to approval and execution of the work.

How long will it take to complete my Project?
Projects can take a lot of planning and may require weeks or months until they are executed depending on the scope and the current load of projects Facilities Services is managing. It is imperative therefore that requesters recognize this and plan ahead on project requests. Remember that the time to plan is necessary to ensure the best value can be provided for your project. Facilities Services endeavors to treat each project with the attention and detail it deserves to be successful. The more time provided to complete the project the better this service can be.